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   Manage Registers

To make it more convenient for the Admin, all the Statutory Registers are maintained online and are automatically updated as and when a new entry is made.

» * All Statutory Registers can be managed :

  • I form Register
  • J Form Register
  • Share Register
  • Form O Register
  • Nomination Register
  • Property Register
  • Lien Register
  • Fixed Assets Register
  • Investment Register
  • Sinking Fund Register

» * On approval of the Transfers, respective membership is upgraded and the registers can be generated, then viewed / printed in PDF format at any time.

» * On approval of the Nomination Form by the Managing Committee, the Nomination Register is automatically updated.

» * On approval of the Bank Loan and issue of NOC by the Managing Committee, the Lien Register is automatically updated .

» * As and when bills are generated, the Sinking Fund Register is automatically updated.

» * At the end of the year, the Interest on Sinking Fund Investments is calculated member wise and is automatically updated in the Sinking Fund Register.

Note : * marks are under development

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