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Features » Manage Accounts

   Manage Accounts

Modular Accounting System enables any individual, familiar or unfamiliar with accounting to easily manage multiple activities simultaneously while maintaining society accounts

» Modules for Various Types of Payments :

  • Vendor Payments, Statutory Payments, Metered Services etc.
    • Invoice posting, Advance payment, Advance Adjustments, TDS calculation and deduction.
    • GST compatible with data listing for various GST Returns.
    • Calculate proportionate Input Tax Credit, when the Society has availed exemptions on maintenance charges bills.
    • Calculate Reverse Tax liability in case of GST Unregistered Vendors.
  • Staff Salary / Advances
    • Deduct Professional Tax at appropriate rates
    • Deduct Income Tax. [TDS]
    • Manage the advances / loans through installment deductions, while calculating salary payments
  • TDS Management
    • TDS calculation on advance payment or invoice posting for Vendors.
    • Separate TDS management module with interest calculation for delayed payment
    • Generate TDS challans
    • Generate Data for Quarterly filing of TDS returns.
  • Calculate any prepaid expenses, at the end of the year
    • Calculate the Outstanding Liability at the end of the year
    • Calculate any prepaid expenses at the end of the year
  • Other Payments

» Modules for Various Types of Receipts :

  • Rental Incomes
    • A comprehensive module monitoring the due dates of payments, raising of bills under Service Tax
    • Accounting the receipts, including TDS, and issue of receipts [A feature, not found any other similar software]
  • Interest Income
    • Managed through a separate Investment Module

» Other Modules :

  • Investment of Funds [ Unique feature not found any where else. ]
    • Various Investment Heads
    • Matching Investment Heads with Funds
    • Auto-calculation of interest
  • Members & Outsiders - Security Deposit management
    • Tracking Security Deposits by members
    • Refund of Security Deposit [Absolutely zero possibility of incorrect refund]
  • Fixed Assets Management
    • Update Fixed Assets register as you pass accounting entry
    • Calculate Depreciation at the end of the year on predefined rates
  • Share Transfer Premium - Management
    • Linked with Transfer of Shares
    • Define the policy of various charges and the system will ensure that all the charges, as per policy, are recovered before transfer of shares

» Uploading various documents / Bills / Receipts for easy procurement at a later date (This will help online Audit by Statutory Auditors ).

» Trial Balance, as on any date.

» Receipt and Payment Account as on any date

» Generate Balance Sheet and Income & Expenditure Account

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