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Features » Maintenance Bill

   Maintenance Bill

Maintenance Charges Bills on regular periodical basis or for specific purpose / Debit Notes can be generated with ease. Interest and / Penalty can be charged for delayed payment and Rebate can be given for prompt payment, as per rules set by the Society.

» Maintenance Bills can be generated for any period.

» Define the Rates, and the System will calculate the maintenance charges under different heads and for different types of premises.

» Maintenance Charges can be Based on different parameters such as :

  • Equal to all
  • Area
  • No of Taps
  • And List

» Interest policy can be defined :

  • Simple
  • Compound
  • Interest is charged Bill to Bill [A unique feature]

» Rebate Policy can be defined :

  • Fixed Amount
  • Based on area
  • As a percentage of maintenance charges under defined heads
  • As a percentage of payment received

» Penalty Policy can be defined, based on :

  • Arrears exceeding a fixed amount
  • Arrears exceeding number of bills
    • Can be a percentage of outstanding amount
    • Can be a fixed Amount

» Additional areas such as Terrace / Mezzanine Floors, etc attached to any premises can be additionally billed :

  • On Fixed Amount basis
  • On the basis of area

» Separate bills can be generated [Supplementary Bills] to meet any project cost for a limited period :

  • Can have a separate interest policy
  • Can have a separate Rebate Policy
  • Building wise / wing-wise rates can vary

» Customized Non Occupancy charges Policy.

» Customized Vehicle Parking charges Policy.

» GST Compatible

  • Define GST categories and rates for various services.
  • Define GST exemptions.
  • Set up member master for multiple premises to meet GST exemption definition.
  • Raise Tax Invoice [ for taxable items] and Bill of Supply [ for non taxable and exempt items] separately.
  • Charge interest with GST (payable on receipt) on Tax invoice arrears and charge Interest without GST for Bill of Supply arrears. [ A unique feature not available in any other housing society billing software.] This will meet the GST provisions in toto.
  • List data for various GST returns.

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