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   Facility Management

A society complex may have many facilities such as Health Club, Swimming Pool, Play Equipments, Sports facilities [ Tennis Court, Badminton Courts, Squash Courtsetc], Party Halls etc. Some of the Facilities may be used free of charge, but some may be used on payment, either on advance booking basis or on pay and use basis. The charges also can be different for the members, tenants and outsiders. The module provides a detailed Management option.

» Options :

  • Advance Booking
    • Block the days on which the Society itself uses the Facility
    • Define the weekly off day and block booking on weekly off days
    • Define the number of days available for advance booking
    • Define the minimum number of days required for advance booking
    • Book by number of days or Hourly slots>
    • Pay nominal charges and make temporary booking
    • Define the different charges for cancellation of temporary booking and confirmed booking
    • Define the Charges, Reimbursable Expenses and Security Deposit
    • Define Security Deposit Refund policy
    • Allow for penalties, additional charges
    • Keep wait list for booked days
    • Pay by Payment Gateway
    • SMS / email messages on every change of status
    • SMS messaging to the person managing the facility
  • Spot Booking
    • Pay and Use. No Security deposit
    • No restriction on the number of users for a single facility

Members can login through their email id and make advance booking. The Spot Booking will be managed by the person in charge of the facility.

As and when the payments are received / advance refunded, the accounting entries are made and there is no need for separate accounting entry.

Members can see the Terms of Booking, Terms of Cancellation and Terms of Refund of Security deposit.

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