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   Manage Documents

Members can generate various forms for transfer of shares, leave and license applications, application for residency proofs etc and submit to the Admin. Depending upon the request, the requisite forms are displayed for input data, and can be generated with ease

» Admin can acknowledge and generate various forms.

» The forms submitted are verified on various predefined parameters :

  • Members can check online, if the necessary forms listed are verified and received
  • Members can also view the verification parameters and resolve these before submitting the form to the Society

» Defects, if any, in the forms can be emailed to the members.

» * On approval by the Managing Committee, the required data is updated.

» *All the Statutory registers such as I form, J form, Share Register etc are updated simultaneously – Oh! What a relief.

» Along with the applications, various NOCs issued by the Society admin can also be generated, printed and issued.

Note : * marks are under development

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