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Are you ready to experience a new world of convenience, while handling mundane and exhausting job of managing your housing society?

Wait no more! offers you a hassle-free web-based management tool to transform your society, making it highly functional and easily manageable. Developed by an expert team with over 30 years of experience handling society matters, this software enables even a newcomer to participate in the management process, irrespective of his/her experience. With its unmatched capabilities and flexibilities, Society123 has already bettered the functioning of many housing societies in Mumbai.

The easy flowing User Interface of Society123 and its precisely structured tools help you maintain and generate inward/outward billing, generating monthly maintenance statements, sending general and specific notices to the society members, maintaining general and specific records, scheduling meetings and generating interrelated collaterals, income and expense tracker, parking allotments, and all other tasks accurately and effortlessly. Also its extensive features provides you or any member of the society access to required data from anywhere anytime, thanks to online integration system that stores and operates all required data on a highly secured website.

Along with these revolutionary tools you get the convenience to send messages to individual members or broadcast the same to everyone in the society from within the software. And hence, significantly reduces wastage of valuable resources. A multi-level secure login ensures complete protection of your data, thus providing you complete peace of mind.

So, when you switch to Society123, leave behind all your hassles and step into a new world of new-age convenience.

» Listed below are some of the features that make the difference for :

  • The 'Society Members' through the website, Society123
    • Easy online access to the any society related details from anywhere
    • Fast and quick links to generate and print various forms
    • View bills, notices, updates and more online
    • Highly secure online login
    • Android Application which can be downloaded for free from �Play Store�
    • Pay bills through a Secure Payment Gateway for a competitive TDR charges.
    • �Paytm� has integrated Society123 for payment of maintenance charges of members, the only online application for housing societies thus integrated.
  • The 'Society Management' through the backend software of Society123
    • Get 30 years of experience of SSSPL in Managing Accounts and Society Matters inbuilt into the Software
    • Get customized software, as per the size, format and other specific parameters
    • Regular software maintenance and updates
    • Assurance of highly secure online data source and backup
    • GST compatible, with various data listing for preparation of GST returns.
Society123 has been established to remove stress; it is the housing society software or rather online society maintenance software that takes care of the daily affairs of the society. In order to reduce the responsibilities of the society members we have developed cooperative society software in India. It also works as society accounting software, apartment management software and many more that will help the society to carry on its daily affairs online. The people too can be tension free because the accounts of the society will be handled by a trust worthy accounting software which is computerised.

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