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   Manage Compliance

To make sure the society's statutory compliances are fulfilled regularly, this module has a built in list of legal compliances, available online to any admin for selection and plan for execution.
  • Ensures that the Society meets its Legal Compliance needs
  • A new Managing Committee assuming Office is not handicapped by lack of knowledge of the Compliance needs
  • A list of Legal Compliance Requirements are available to crosscheck and update
  • One can allocate, in advance, person responsible to monitor the Compliance Requirements
  • On predefined date, the Compliance Requirement automatically turns into a task and thus can be executed by the assigned person
  • If Compliance Requirement needs to be placed before the Managing Committee, it will be available for selection as an agenda item in the upcoming meeting. Of course, our expertise in drafting the minutes for selected result is available to the Society in the form of the draft minutes

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