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   Manage Task

In order to help the society run smoothly and the activities of staff are monitored in a systematic manner, tasks can be posted by Admin. Where tasks are required to be posted for predetermined activities, tasks are posted through the system.

» Tasks are System Generated, through :

  • Compliance Planner
  • Vendor Management
  • Contracts (Services) Management
  • Documents (Transfer papers / NOCs, Nomination Forms etc.)
  • Complaint Handling Module (Help Desk)
  • Managing Committee (If undecided and placed for next meeting)

» Tasks can also be Posted by the Admin :

  • Indicate the person who will perform the task
  • Designate the person who will monitor the task
  • Task, if repetitive, can be adapted to generated as per the cycle
  • Task, to be placed before the Managing Committee, automatically becomes an Agenda Item for selection. Needless to repeat, draft minutes are there for use by the Admin
  • Responses to the task can be recorded and monitored
  • In case of multiple quotations, details of the same can be managed as an additional part of the task
    • Name of the Vendor
    • Address of the Vendor
    • Quoted Amount
    • Contact Number / email id
    • And the Vendor master is maintained for selection in future

» Tasks can be closed by the person monitoring the task. i.e., a person actually working on the task, after completion, can only forward the task for final approval by the respective monitor of the task.

» The Task, once generated by the system or the Admin, cannot be erased from the system until closure by the person monitoring:

» Tasks can be assigned to any of the Service Staff, Society Staff, Managing Committee Members, Sub-Committee Member, etc

» The efficiency and performance of the Staff is destined to improve substantially

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