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Members / Managing Committee / Service Provider

   Members Login

Every registered member of the society has the convenient way to access all the relevant information, forms, bills and more through this login

» Login and use the application.

» Access features are predefined and thus reduces the work of assigning rights to individual members

» Easy login through registered email ID and a password

» Access their accounts and

  • Intimate Admin about any discrepancy in the bills
  • Calculate Interest, if any, up to the date of payment and make exact payment
  • Select bills [Regular / Supplementary / Debit Notes] for payments
  • Update the Admin about payments made, thus ensure that the payment is duly credited to the member
  • Take prints of the bills / receipts at any time
  • View his ledger account
  • Switch between two flats / two separate societies without much hassle
  • Upload Family Members & Servant Details ( For Security Access Purpose )

» Post complaints on facilities and Services. [ Help Desk ] :

  • Complaints are classified under various categories
  • Complaints, if not attended within the preset time [specified by the society], elevates to higher level
  • If not resolved even at the third level, it is placed before the Managing Committee for resolution
  • At every stage, the Response is updated, so the member can view the same
  • Member can reopen a complaint if not satisfied, even if it is closed as Resolved by the Admin
  • Member can grade the complaint resolution to help the management evaluate various vendors and service providers

» Send suggestions to the Admin and view the Response

» Also send Suggestions to for improving the website

» Members who misuse the website can be blocked from using the website by the Society Admin

» Generate several standard forms/ applications to Society Admin [This is a unique feature not available in any other software] :

  • Transfer of Shares
    • Application for NOC
    • All standard forms as prescribed under the model Bye_laws. Under different situations for
      • Sale of the premises
      • Gift of the premises
      • As a legal heir
      • As a nominee, etc
  • Nomination Form
  • Tenancy related Forms
    • Application for NOC
    • Nominal membership form by the Tenant
  • NOC for Bank Loan
    • At the time of Purchase of the premises
    • After purchaser of the Premises
  • Certificate of Residency of member and Family members
    • For Passport
    • For Ration Card
    • For any other purpose
  • And Many More
    • Hard Copies can be printed, signed and submitted to the Society
    • Admin, as per the policy of the society

» Penalty Policy can be defined, based on :

Registered Societies :

Locations :

  • Mumbai
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