Terms and Conditions

Society123.com web-based management tool for your co-operative housing society ( herein referred to as "Application" is an accounting , management and communication tool specifically aimed at Housing Societies by which ever name they are known and is owned by Pangal Computer Services Pvt Ltd [ hereinafter called owners ] . The application has been developed by and is being maintained by webelement.inc. [ hereinafter referred to as Developers ]. The owners reserve the right to change the Developers at any time at their sole discretion.

Rights of user of Society123.com are given to registered users . The registered users or their authorized users can login and use the application through their email ids

The application provides a convenient accounting , management and communication tool to Association of Apartments / Housing Societies , Resident Welfare Association / Condominiums etc, basically aimed at Mumbai as a core client base, expandable to other cities and other states of India. Accordingly, some of the modules in the Application may not be applicable to other cities / states. Users are required to use their discretion in choosing such modules, through proper verification

The application may be upgraded from time to time . The upgraded version is available to all the registered users automatically in place of the previous version, without any notice.

The owners reserve the right to modify & / or discontinue temporarily or permanently the Service in part or in full, after giving a reasonable time to the registered users during which time the registered users may take up backups or create necessary records for their future use. The owners shall not be liable to pay any compensation to the registered users in such an eventuality

The various modules / services are made available to the clients as per their chosen plan. The clients are free to choose their plans. Right of access and grant of permissions are given to the client's representative [ moderator ] by the owners.

Right of Access to various modules and permissions for use of the module are provided to the vendors , staff , Managing Committee Members, non members etc by the Moderator of the Client, and the owners have no role to play in this

While right of access to the website to the members are provided by the moderator / any other person authorized by the moderator, the permission to use is predetermined by the application